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We are passionate about Berlin, this wonderful city that we love dearly. Berlin is exiting, vibrant and alive. This city is ever changing, creative and sometimes drives you crazy. Since we adore it so much and have been living here for years, we wanted to create an easy to use and intuitive online guide for people who want to explore the many attractions Berlin has to offer.

It started out by showing this city to friends and other visitors. The many tips we gave and the insider knowledge we acquired over time, led to a food blog and the hosting of events for an international community. After this it was just a small step to the idea of showing people this gorgeous city by providing an online city guide. A guide with which you can choose locations and activities to your liking. Why not explore this city individually but with some help from insiders? Why not make use of the wonderful tools the internet provides to connect people and provide them with the information they need?

Paper guide books are often made for mass tourism. They are made for tourists who only have time and interest in visiting two or three of the highlights and that is it. And how should you know where to go in a city that is foreign to you or that you just arrived in? During the making of this guide we realized that even people who live here are glad for tips of places to explore. So this is a guide for everyone who is curious about Berlin and who wants to experience this wonderful city.

We have been to every place and sight that we recommend and have not been paid or funded by any one of them. It took a lot of time and effort to test it all, but we enjoyed it immensely. Your own Berlin experience is just a few clicks away. Go for it!

We hope you enjoy this guide and this city!