The Klub Kitchen / Mitte / Berlin

Prices, Main Course 7 € - 10 €

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The Klub Kitchen is located in Berlin Mitte and is a great location to get something to eat.

They have delicious and, above all, very healthy dishes that you will definitely enjoy very much. The menu is rather small, but that is not an issue, because the variety of dishes they offer is big enough to provide something for every taste. Especially for a light lunch, this restaurant is ideal. The dishes are well flavored and consist of high quality products.

You sit on small wooden benches and the interior design is functional, but still chic. It is not really a restaurant to stay at for a very long time or have a romantic dinner. But it is one of these places where you can also go alone and eat by yourself without feeling self conscious. The cooking is European as well as a bit Asian and contains a good mix of the international repertoire of modern gastronomy. It is a nice restaurant with a very open and friendly crew.

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Mulackstraße 15
Berlin 10119 Berlin DE
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Opening Hours: Monday - Saturday, 11.30 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.