Kimchi Princess / Kreuzberg / Berlin

Prices: Main Courses around 8 € - 18 €

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Kimchi Princess is a Korean restaurant in Kreuzberg and it serves more than Kimchi. You can get excellent food here. The food is either prepared for you in the kitchen, or you can grill it yourself Korean style, right at your table. It is really quite a happening to see the food sizzling in front of you. It is really entertaining, especially if you come in a bigger group.

There are quite a lot of Koreans eating here, so it must be somewhat authentic. The restaurant is normally crowded and you should make reservations, at least on weekends. The food is extremely good. The only downside is, that the chairs have no back rest, so after an hour or so of sitting, you can feel your spine collapsing. But still, this is a very good and fun restaurant and if you like good Korean food and like to grill, this is the place to go to.

The staff is nice and can handle a crowded place.



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Skalitzer Straße 36
Berlin 10999 Berlin DE
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Opening Hours: daily 12 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.