No Milk Today / Neukölln / Berlin

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The vegan trend is well established in Berlin. So you can find many cafés and restaurants, even supermarkets specialized in vegan food. One of these cafés is No Milk Today and it is an especially lovely one.

No Milk Today is a great café. They have a cozy interior design that creates a very laid back atmosphere. The furniture is mixed and matched and very comfortable. More importantly their cakes are excellent. We still cannot figure out how a vegan cheesecake can taste this good, but it does. The drinks and the food at this café are wonderful and the chairs and sofas invite you to stay there and chat with your friends. So while relaxing, you can munch your cake or cookie and realize that life can be pretty good.

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Fichtestraße 3
Berlin 10967 Berlin DE
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Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 10 a.m. until 7 p.m.