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Prices: Main Course 6 € - 12 €

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The Thais in the park are a phenomenon that has been around for some time now, but they have become very popular only in recent years. It is an actual park (Preußenpark), where Thai women have been meeting for a few years, to cook and sell their food. It’s reminiscent of the food stalls you find everywhere in Bangkok. It is real street food, which tastes delicious and authentic.

If you want to remember your last holiday in Thailand, or if you want to taste real Thai cuisine, this is the place to be. The Thai women only come when the weather is warm and sunny. They start cooking at around 12 p.m. and stay there until nighttime. However, most stalls can be found on Fridays, or on weekends, when there are up to 50 different stalls offering all sorts of delicacies. Here you will find grilled insects as well as Pad Thai, soups, mango salads and everything else your heart desires. Beverage stalls have also begun to arrive. It is a real happening, like a huge picnic, especially as the families and friends of the Thai cooks often sit on blankets next to the booth, playing games, talking, laughing and just enjoying the day together.

Years ago, when the so-called Thais in the park were not so well-known, prices were lower and the choices were a bit more limited. Today it can get very crowded especially on the weekends. Since the park is quite large, that’s not all to bad. On the contrary, there is often a great atmosphere when everyone, armed with picnic blankets and good spirits, attends this spectacle.

There are no toilets, since this a park. However, there is a café nearby where you can use the toilet for a fee. If you come at the weekend, you can also take the opportunity to visit the flea market at Fehrbelliner Platz.


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Open: During summer every day from 12 p.m. Most food stalls are there Friday, Saturday and Sunday