Club der Visionäre / Kreuzberg / Berlin

Entrance fee: 5 €, sometimes free entry in the early afternoon

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Club der Visionäre is an open air location in Kreuzberg. The wooden construction has a provisionary feel to it, which is so popular in Berlin. It is directly on the shore of the Flutgraben and you can enjoy a light breeze here. This is especially great on hot summer days otherwise it can get chilly in the evening. The terrace is built on wooden planks, so it reaches well into the water. With a lot of trees on the shore, this creates an enchanting atmosphere. Wooden benches as well as deck chairs are waiting for people to sit in them for hours. Since the Club der Visionäre opens around lunch time or early afternoon, this is a great place to relax for some time before continuing to roam the city. It is a hip place for a relaxed crowd. You chill on the wooden planks, look out onto the water and listen to music. Since this is just an open air venue, it is only open when the weather permits it.

Actually Club der Visionäre is more of a bar than a club. Even though there is always music, there is not always dancing. It depends on the crowd. Especially during the afternoon this is a place to chill out. When night falls, the crowd grows and the music gets louder. Sometimes a club atmosphere with dancing evolves but mostly people stand with their drinks in hand, chat with friends or strangers and listen to music. A lot of the people coming here are quite young party goers that stay for a while and then go on to one of the other clubs in the area. During summer time this is a very relaxed and nice place. If you are looking for vibrating bass beats and a raving crowd you have to go to another place. If you just want to chill and listen to music and be outdoors, this is the place to go to. The music played is mostly electro and minimal.

The dress code is relaxed and casual. It is fairly easy to get in, unless you are drunk or rude or if the place is crowded.

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Am Flutgraben 2
Berlin 12435 Berlin DE
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Open: April until September if the weather is nice: Monday to Friday from 2 p.m until open end; Saturday and Sunday from 12 p.m. until open end