Prinzessinnengarten / Kreuzberg / Berlin

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The Prinzessinengarten is one of these places in Berlin, that make this city so special.

It is an urban gardening project, which managed to turn a huge piece of wasteland in the middle of the city into a green garden. This now so beautiful spot was buried under tons of debris. More than one hundred volunteers helped to clean the space and plant the first seeds. Since the area is rented each year from the city, the garden has to be mobile. If something goes wrong, it can be relocated in no time. The plants are planted in recycled bins, old rice bags and handmade wooden plant containers. This also prevents toxic substances from the ground to contaminate the plants. All products are of organic quality. If you want to, you can buy what grows here. The prices are reasonable and you get the opportunity to harvest the products you want to buy, yourself. Bees are kept also here, but not to worry, they will not bother you.

If you want to participate, you can commit to volunteering in this garden project. If you just want to explore this place you can of course do so. It is quite beautiful to walk through the rows of vegetables and fruits and to get some inspiration for home. There is a pretty café that serves drinks and cakes. You can buy your refreshments and sit under the shade of some trees. The profit made by the café benefit the project so this is a nice contribution for a visionary idea.

If the weather is nice you should definitely come here and have a look around.


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Prinzenstraße 35
Berlin 10969 Berlin DE
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Opening hours: April to October: daily 11 a.m. to around 10 p.m.