Sisyphos Club / Berlin

Entrance Fee: 10 €

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The Berlin Club scene is in constant change. Many clubs have been driven out of their old premises because new apartment and office buildings are high in demand. Because of this, many clubs have been relocated to abandoned factories and enough space to play music all night long.

Sisyphos is one of those clubs that is located a bit off in Lichtenberg. The building was formerly a factory for dog food. Especially in summer this club is very popular because you get the chance to dance outside all weekend long. There is a small pond, white sand, an old fire truck to chill out and a lot of decoration. It looks like a big playground for adults. Instead of building sand castles, people dance for hours. During the cold season floors are open inside the old factory which are equally elaborately decorated. Food and drinks are sold to keep the crowd on their feet, since doors are open around the clock. The music that is played is Electro and Techno and adjusted to the mainstream taste.

The crowd of Sisyphos is pretty young. If you want to get in, you have to adopt the international backpacker party-look. It has a Goa feeling to it. You should not come in any form of elegant outfit. The bouncers are often enervating, asking random questions and thy decide on a whim.

If you are looking for a club with techno hippies and an international party community, this is a good club to go to.


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Zobtener Straße 73
Berlin 10317 Berlin DE
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