Rooftop terrace Amano Hotel / Mitte / Berlin

Prices: Cocktails 9 € and more; soft drinks around 3 €

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The rooftop terrace of the Amano Hotel in Mitte is truly wonderful. The view is great with the prominent Fernsehturm being so close. The design of the terrace is chic and elegant. The dark wooden floors form a lovely contrast to the light lounge furniture. There are cosy corners to sit in as well as a bigger sitting area in the middle of the terrace. Most seats are basking in sunshine but there are also some solar sails providing shade.

Most people come here in the evening for a sundowner. With something to drink in hand this is an ideal place to watch the sun set over Berlin. A posh and chic crowd gathers, mostly middle-aged. The atmosphere is light and pleasant. The prices are upscale but the ambience justifies them. They have good cocktails, some of them are fancy creations that prove the skill of the barkeeper.



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Auguststraße 43
Berlin 10119 Berlin DE
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Opening hours: From Mai until October: weekdays starting from 4 p.m.; weekends starting from 2 p.m.