Park Gleisdreieck / Berlin

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The park at the Gleisdreieck is something special. It is about 26 hectares in size and consists of Ostpark and Westpark. This area used to be wasteland for a long time. Meanwhile, it has become a very popular park for locals and tourists alike.

The park has several lawn areas and a very unique feature, old rail tracks, that run through a small forest area in the Ostpark. This is because once there was a railway junction at this point. Today you will find skaters, joggers and walkers, but also many sun seekers who want to spend a nice day here. The park has been cleverly designed and offers visitors a lot of recreational value. There are swings, ping pong tables, small trampolines, an area for skating, basketball fields and much more. Here people play football, practice yoga or just enjoy the day. It is often very crowded, but there is such a pleasant atmosphere that it is not bothersome.

In one part of the park subways rattle over the visitors’ heads, reminding them that they are in the middle of a big city. It is certainly the most urban park in Berlin.



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