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There is the big and the small Müggelsee. They are connected with each other and together they form a huge lake scenery. The big Müggelsee is 7.5 square kilometers in size, the small Müggelsee just 0.15 square kilometers. They are located in the southeastern part of Berlin and are highly popular during summer time. Not only swimmers but also water sport enthusiasts come here. Especially the big Müggelsee is full of boats of various sizes and types. .Apart from the official lidos there are many swimming spots around the lake. If you are not a local and unfamiliar with the lakes it can be a challenge to find them.

The lido Müggelsee offers a sandy beach and is, for the time being, free of charge. It is very good for going swimming with smaller children because of the shallow banks that make it possible for the kids to splash around. There are many trees and denser woods around the small Müggelsee, so it can be a challenge to find the way to the swimming spots. But once you found one it is a great place to spend the day. They often have sandy beaches and due to the many trees there is always shadow to protect you from the blazing sun. There are also enough sunny spots for the sun worshippers.

Reaching it by public transport can be a challenge. There are other lakes that are better accessible.

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Berlin 12589 Berlin DE
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